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Tasting notes for Aberlour 21 year old 1974/1995, Signatory

Distillery bottling
55.5% a.b.v.

A very impressive nose showing ripe apricots, bourbon sweetness, almond, apricot jam, and orange blossom honey. At this point I would have guessed it to be a Balvenie. The palate shows apricot and amaretto coffee, with a finish somewhat reminiscent of the Balvenie Vintage Cask and increasing in sweetness towards the end. A slight amount of water brings out some wood in the palate. More water makes the nose much lighter, bringing out orange blossom and marzipan; the palate becomes maltier and less fruity, with honeysuckle and hints of rosewater. The finish is a combination of elements of The Balvenie and Maker’s Mark bourbon, but starts to accumulate some burnt bitter elements about five seconds after swallowing. Diluted to table strength, the nose shows apricot paste and the palate develops more toastiness, apricot, and fruit. Justifies its $70 price tag, but I would eagerly pay $100 for this malt minus the bitter aftertaste.

Suggested for:
After dessert

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