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Tasting notes for Ardbeg “Uigeadail”

All Star!
Distillery bottling
54.2% a.b.v.

Ardbeg “Uigeadail” (pronounced OOG-a-darl) is named after the loch from which Ardbeg draws its water, and is a stellar cask-strength expression of Ardbeg, and heavily-peated Islay malts in general.

Color: Pale straw.

Nose: Smoky peat, tar, and asphalt with fleeting sweet notes of Grape Nuts cereal, American white oak chips, and dark corn syrup.

Palate: Extremely dry, warm, and astringent, with cayenne pepper and oak sap. A splash of still water brings out Latakia tobacco, Shu pu-erh tea, ripe papaya, and tropical flowers.

Finish: Warming and heavily phenolic with flavors of gauze, bitter gourd, and espresso grounds.

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