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Tasting notes for Ardbeg 8 year old (1991/1999) “White Ardbeg”, Signatory bottling

43% a.b.v.

Dubbed “White Ardbeg” by fans due to its very pale color. It took me a long time to appreciate this malt, but once there, what a pleasure! At first it seemed very harsh, and the unusual fermentation and ash flavors were somewhat off-putting. However, I love this now; it is an exciting, young expression, wild and untamed, and the tumble of flavors in the mouth and far into the finish is like no other.

Smooth, but somehow it is as if the flavor gets “twisted” halfway through the tasting experience in a manner I cannot adequately describe. Peat, smoke, ash, fermentation, rot; the palate is a collection of loose ends. Makes Laphroaig 10 seem reserved and restrained by comparison. An excellent malt, with a fairly steep learning curve. No Ardbeg fan should be without it. Casks 622 & 623, Bottle 124 of 742

Suggested for:
Late evening

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