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Tasting notes for Balvenie 31 year old “Vintage Cask” 1966/1997

All Star!
Distillery bottling, Cask 6425, bottle 8 of 226.
45.5% a.b.v.

Enormous nose, showing almond paste danish, supple old leather, aged bourbon, oak vanillins, nutmeg, spiced dried orange peel, aged firewood. Reminiscent of a log cabin after it has been vacant for a year. No off-notes detected. Medium body. Palate shows leather oil, aged bourbon, shoe leather, the low registers of dried Bing cherries, boysenberry jam. All the flavors are marvelously integrated. An abrupt swell of rich vanillins in the finish, followed by an even richer development of oily nut flavors, especially cashew. Stunningly smooth throughout. It is almost as if it bypasses the senses and triggers emotion centers directly. My favorite Speysider in my collection.

Suggested for:
The most special of occasions, in the evening

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