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Tasting notes for Bowmore 30 year old ceramic “Sea Dragon” decanter

Distillery bottling
43% a.b.v.

In the glass it is the color of tawny port. In the nose it is velvet-smooth and humid, rounded, showing moderate and gentle peat, cherry piefilling, chocolate licorice, and burn cream. On the palate it is cool and peaty, moving to heat, cocoa, and what can only be described as “good old Bowmore” notes — like a more subtle 17 year old.

The finish shows high-pitched peat and some gauze. A very elegant dram, but would I be speaking blasphemy as Bowmore devotée if I said it’s not a very good deal? For the price of bottle from Sukhinder, you could get a Springbank 21, an Ardbeg 10, and a Highland Park 18. I paid around $130 for mine, which was delivered by the kindness of friends from Australia. For that price, it’s a steal.

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