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Tasting notes for Bowmore “Darkest”

All Star!
Distillery bottling
43% a.b.v.

Jackson identifies as being in its mid-teens. I cannot drink this without marveling at the skill required to compose such a bottling. Tasting has much in common with admiring a “ship in a bottle”: the craftsman has managed to merge the firm, leafy, ferny, peaty Bowmore character with the soft, fruity, winey, estery sherry cask character, and has done so with exquisite skill and finesse.

A lightish, sweet, integrated nose. Burnt sticks, sweet leaves, and cherry hard candies in the palate, with a sudden burst of delicious Bowmore house flavor in the finish, fading slowly to sweetness, astringence, and smoke. One gets the sense that if one element were even slightly different the whole thing would fall apart. Delicious, but the careful construction is more impressive than the palate. An utter charmer.

Suggested for:
After dinner

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