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Tasting notes for Bunnahabhain 39 year old 1960/1999, Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask

All Star!
Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask

The liquor is a deep chestnut color, nearly opaque. Layers upon layers of wood dominate: wood, bourbon casks, bourbon, freshly-sawn plywood. It teases the mouth, roughly, like a wooden block knocking against the teeth and cheeks. Inhale hard and chestnuts, chestnut wood emerge; if you relax, take calm breaths, the spirit shows well-oiled leather, maybe saddle leather, and powerful bourbon notes.

The malt has hard corners and it roughly bounces around the mouth. At the point of spirit fatigue on the tongue, the mouth fills with the luxurious aromas of a cigar humidor filled with expensive cigars, minus the scent of cedar. There is also a whiff of bitter orange. A slow melt in the finish. Not a hint of peat, but a rough-cornered, wooden, strongly built sweet tobacco ambrosia.

Suggested for:
Nightcap or with a cigar

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