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Tasting notes for Finlaggan

The Vintage Malt Whisky Company bottling
40% a.b.v.

The source distillery for this malt changes from time to time. This is a snapshot of a particular issue.

An independent bottling from an unidentified distillery, I think there can be little doubt that the source distillery (at least currently) is Lagavulin. From the nose I might have guessed Laphroaig: it comes across as a very young Islay with a potent kick, peat, sweet smoke. If you work past the phenols sweet, slightly grassy “meadow” notes emerge. Palate is uncivilized but soft. Sweet, very peaty, with floral notes and grasses. Not spirity. The finish brings a wave of peat smoke, lingering incense, paper fire.

Suggested for:
Late evening

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