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Tasting notes for Glenmorangie 12 year old “Madeira Wood Finish”

All Star!
Distillery bottling
43% a.b.v.

A worthwhile bottling. Nose is humid with herbaceous notes, the low registers of green tomato, stone fruit pulp, ginger bread (the authentic cake-like version), pine furniture, camphor, and light salt. It shows continual development as it warms and oxidizes; the salt becomes more prominent but remains restrained. A dash of water softens and widens the nose, bringing out mace and aniseed. On the tongue the spirit is smooth but spicy, sweet at first then becoming drier, warming to cherry and vanilla, rum, butter, horehound, and licorice. Allusions to well-aged fruitcake, with subtle spearment throughout the palate. In the finish dignified, with young fruit (especially green tomato), ripe peach, prominent black grape skins, and a fading note of salt. The finish is cooling and slightly oily to the tongue, like a fresh mint leaf. Green tomato remains long afterwards. Quite enjoyable, retaining more distillery character than the port wood finish. As an added bonus, the tube and label are a strikingly beautiful shade of green.

Suggested for:
With dessert

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