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Tasting notes for Highland Park 18 year old

Distillery bottling
43% a.b.v.

The extra years change this malt significantly; this is the more reserved and challenging older brother of the 12 year old. Nose is smooth, smoky, and salty, showing milk chocolate, cookie dough, leaf pile, plastic tarpaulin, beach bonfire. Flavors are very tightly bunched up and the mouthfeel is very hot; these two aspects combine to force one to drink this malt very slowly. Prominent smoke and complex layers of wood and oak in the palate, along with pipe ash, used pipe cleaners, rotting leaves, charred oak, wood stain, pecan. In the finish smoke and brine, black grape skins, burnt pie crust, disinfectant, burnt wood chips. Slightly oily. Warming, smoky, and leafy long after swallowing. Reminiscent of Rhum Barbancourt (a fine, oak-aged Haitian rum), but (as would be expected) more complex. A highly cerebral malt.

Suggested for:
Late in the evening, perhaps best as a nightcap

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