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Tasting notes for Highland Park 22 year old 1962/1984, Cadenhead

Cadenhead bottling

The nose is well-integrated, creamy, and oily, suggesting an age beyond its years: late 20s, maybe, or early 30s. Almost all esters have disappeared. Nose shows saddle leather, artists’ paints, stuffy, closed up rooms. A bit of high-register spirit burn, where there is not much else to offset the banana skin oils. Creamy and oily, all around. The palate is initially quiet, almost solid, slowly moving, with dilution in the mouth, to chocolate-tobacco, buttered popcorn, banana, maybe a bit of carob. Drawing air in brings cigar ash. The finish has a surge of warmth, then a surge of menthol coolness.

Toasted notes and roasted banana abound and leave an oily slick in the mouth. The cheeks are left coated with an astringent, aspirin substance, but this influence is minimal and mostly serves just to round out the dram. All in all, the spirit tastes a bit aged and a bit oxidized, probably due to the storage conditions at the retailer from whom I purchased it: it was on a top shelf with an incandescent light bulb pointed at it. It improved somewhat after being open for a couple months. As a cask sample, and an old one at that, this is not a bad bottle. If you see one with a good fill level, pick it up.

Suggested for:
Late after dinner

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