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Tasting notes for Michel Couvreur Unfiltered 12 year old

All Star!
Michel Couvreur bottling
43% a.b.v.

Michel Couvreur is a Belgian wine negociant who exports Scotch Whisky to the continent and ages it in Burgundy wine cellars in high-end sherry casks. Odd? Yes. Good whisky? Absolutely. He is rather reticent about revealing his source distilleries, but from what I have been able to gather this bottling is the vatting of 54 malt whiskies between 12 and 27 years old.

For a sherried whisky, the nose is very surprising. No sherry notes are detectable, with good, sweet, clean whisky notes reminiscent of aged grain whiskies, along with almonds (lots of almonds) and dried flowers. A hint of peat, reminiscent in tone of the standard Dalwhinnie bottling. On the palate it is initially light, with features emerging slowly: almond-peat, cashew, golden brown sugar, wheat. The finish is whisper-quiet, loaded with vanilla and toasted almond, with some medium-low register floral notes. Clean tasting, appetizing. On a whim I tried it on ice, not something I normally do. I don’t generally like my scotches iced, and I can’t say that the ice improves it, but if you are a dyed-in-the-wool scotch-on-the-rocks type, you could do a lot worse: the cleanliness, buttery almond and vanilla notes make this taste, actually, like the best blended whisky you’ve ever had. Fully approachable for the neophyte, and a treasure of a bottling.

Suggested for:
Afternoon, aperitif, and try it iced!

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