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Tasting notes for Mortlach 16 year old

Flora & Fauna bottling
43% a.b.v.

Deep amber-red color. Has a highly sherried, mature nose that could easily pass for that of a Macallan in its late teens. In addition to the sherry in the nose there is lots of violet pastilles, along with candied fruit, valencia orange, indistinct citrus blossoms, notes of old bourbon, and a touch of honey. On the palate sherry, some grapefruit, strong leathery bourbon notes, and a bit of quinine bitterness (probably due to some poorer casks in the vatting.) Grapefruit in the finish, with pencil shavings and some residual bitterness, moving to pure bourbon. A fine combination of bourbon and sherry influences and a drinkable malt, but I wish they had left the poorer casks out of the vatting.

Suggested for:
With dinner

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