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Tasting notes for Port Ellen 13 year old 1982/1996, Hart Brothers

Hart Brothers bottling
43% a.b.v.

would probably choose to introduce the newcomer to south shore Islays with this superb malt. The color is a beautiful lemony pale gold and the body is smooth and remarkably light. Peat, lemon pepper, and salt in the nose. Excellent interplay of lemon, peat, salt, citrus peels, cedar, pine, olive, and herbs in the palate. The crescendo of the finish is marvelous: immediately after swallowing a very clean freshly-cut garden herb notes emerge, then a transition to clear citrus peel flavors, then a hug of peat and a return of peppery warmth. An appetizing tartness remains in the mouth for at least an hour afterwards. A relative lightweight, but a true “gentleman” of a malt, and another world-class bottling by Hart Brothers. Find some before it all goes the way of the diplodocus.

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