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Tasting notes for Springbank “CV”

All Star!
Distillery bottling
46% a.b.v.

No, it’s not “Springbank 105”. “CV” is their “Curriculum Vitae” bottling, a careful attempt to represent the entire range of Springbank ages by vatting together spirit from 8 to 30 years old. Different ages of Springbank vary dramatically in character; this can perhaps explain the schizophrenic (although effective) nature of this malt. Salty, spirity, peaty aroma, with the rich oily aromas of coconut haystacks (the confection) and buttered popcorn. Very distinct passion fruit flavor in the palate. Malty/salty interplay in the mouth, with estery fruit elements and a moderate amount of fruity sweetness. The moment you swallow, however, a metallic utter dryness drops down like an anvil onto your tongue and you are left with the faint impression of sucking on an iron nail. Wildly disorienting the first time this happens, but it is easy to become accustomed to (and to love.) Malt, salt, and iron late into the finish. Quite appetizing.

Suggested for:
A superb aperitif

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